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Thule - Thule 929 + 928-1 4 bike package

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Thule 929 + 928-1 - The ultimate cycle carrier package. With this package you can carry up to 4 bikes and save money.
Thule 929 + 928-1 4 bike package

Thule 929 + 928-1 - The ultimate cycle carrier package. With this package you can carry up to 4 bikes and save money. You get:

The Thule G6 929 Cycle carrier is the latest in a long line of quality Thule products. This is the updated version of the Thule 909 bike carrier and comes with more improvements than was thought possible.

You can secure the carrier to the towbar just by closing a lever. One movement, one hand. Need to get into the boot with the carrier in place, no problem with the new, smart foot operated tilt function.

The latest innovative design conforms to the latest car models. It fits all bikes and wheel sizes and has new detachable and easy to move frame holders. When you have finished using it, simply fold it up and store it.

For added security the cycle carrier locks to the towball and the bike to the carrier.

The Thule 929 will carry 3 bikes as standard and with the new Thule 928-1 adapter you can add a forth.

If you have a spare wheel on the back of the vehicle then you will also need a Thule 9042. This will take the place of one bike, so to bring it back up to a three bike carrier you will need the Thule 928-1.

The trailer board with stylish lights comes complete with wiring and 13 pin plug. If you have a 7 pin connector on your car you will need to order Thule 9906 13-7 pin plug.

The Movable Bike Frame Holder means that the entire bike frame holder can be easily released from the carrier, which makes it very easy to load the bikes, especially when you are loading 3 or 4. It is just as easy to attach again to where it best corresponds with the position of the bike frame.

The tilt function allows the carrier to be tilted allowing access to the boot even when the bikes are loaded. It even allows access for vans with large rear doors, like the VW T5.

The Thule Euroclassic G5 Coupling means that it will fit all towbars and provide exceptional stability.

There may be times when Thule are out of stock of the Thule 9906 adaptor. When this happens we will replace it with a different make.

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