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Car Plan - Car Plan Kleen Air

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Car Plan Kleen Air Air con/climate control cleaner has been especially formulated to eliminate bacteria mould and fungi which occur in vehicle air conditioning units. The moist atmosphere within air conditioning s...
Car Plan Kleen Air
encourages the build up of micro-organisms which may cause unpleasant odours and bring on flu like symptoms.

The powerful anti-bacterial agents in Car Plan Kleen Air will clean and purify the air conditioning system in under 10 minutes, leaving the atmosphere in your car clean and fresh.

Easy to use in just 4 steps.
Step 1.

Shake the aerosol well. Start the vehicle and turn on the air conditioning, blowing full power in re-circulate mode. Open all dashboard vents and ensure that all windows are closed.

Step 2.

Push the front passenger seat forward as far as it will go and tilt the back of the seat forward. Place the aerosol on a small towel behind the front passenger seat in the rear footwell, making sure the aerosol finger tab is positioned towards the centre of the vehicle.

Step 3.

Depress the locking valve until it remains securely in place and the unit is discharging whilst making sure that your eyes and face are not directly above the aerosol. Exit the vehicle making sure all the doors are closed.


Wait approx 10 mins for the aerosol to fully discharge and for the powerful anti-bacterial agents to circulate. Remove the empty aerosol from the foot well and wipe up any excess moisture from the back of the passenger seat and interior windows with a cloth. The moisture is harmless and will not stain upholstery or carpets.

Thats it all done. No more musty smells.

Car Plan Kleen Air has been tested to meet European standards BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1650, for effectivness against bacteria and fungi commonly found in vehicle air conditioning.
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