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Thule - Thule Euroclassic G6 Cycle Carrier 929

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The G6 929 carries 3 bikes (4 with the Thule 928-1 adaptor) and will take a combination of
Thule Euroclassic G6 Cycle Carrier 929

The G6 929 carries 3 bikes (4 with the Thule 928-1 adaptor) and will take a combination of bikes up to 60kg.


If you have a 7 pin connection on your car you will need to buy the 9906 adaptor

Although this Cycle Carrier is a solid secure carrier it only weighs 19.4kg thanks to it being made from Aliminium and other high tensile, lightweight materials.

Once assembled (and theres not much of that to do) the G6 929 Carrier attaches to the tow ball with the minimum of force and using only one hand. Even though it is that easy and only takes seconds it is extremly secure and stable. The electrics can be plugged straight into a 13 pin connection. If you have a 7 pin on your car then you will need a 9906 adaptor.

Now you have the carrier attached and locked to the tow ball loading the bikes is easy. Place the first bike in the wheel tray and swing the frame holder into position on the bike frame, tighten the clamp around the frame (it will take a frame of up to 80mm and has a rubber coating to protect your bike frame) and then do up the smart and innovative pump buckles around the wheels to fully secure your bike. Next do the same for the second bike. This time after you have tightened the frame clamp, you can lock the thumbwheel thus stopping anyone from taking your bikes.

So, there it is, already to go with no problems, except someone has forgotten to put something in the boot. That's no problem for the Thule Euroclassic G6 Cycle Carrier.

On the back of the carrier there is a pedal, push the pedal with your foot and tilt the carrier towards you. Now you can open your boot, hatchback or because of the wide angle tilt even the large back doors on, say a VW T5 will open. Thule have also included a built in stop to prevent the carrier from hitting the ground.

The maximum weight of each bike that the carrier will take is 25kg, which means that combined with the wide wheel trays you will be able to carry E-Bikes/Pedelecs and most bikes with disc brakes (the THU908-1 extra bike adaptor can only take a maximum of 15kg).

When you have finished using the G6 929 carrier it will fold flat for storing.

If you want to compare this carrier against the other Towball mount carriiers that we do, take a look at our Comparison Chart

This Euroclassic G6 929 Cycle Carrier is TUV/euroBE approved and fulfills the City Crash Norm.

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