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12 volt Inverter

12v Inverters

Powers 220-240v AC mains equipment directly from a 12v source.

Plug the inverter into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter or connect directly to a 12v battery to convert the voltage to mains AC power.

All 12v inverters include the following key safety features: two-way fuse protection, low battery shutdown protection, low battery voltage alarm, over voltage protection, overload protection and temperature protection.

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Ring Power Source 150 Inverter
Our Price: 36.52
The Ring Power Source 150 Inverter is a 12v 150w single socket Power Source Inverter that is simple and safe to use on equipment rated up to 150w such as televisions, DVD players, lighting, mobile phone chargers, electronic note pads, videos and computer consoles.
Ring Power Source Pro 2100w Inverter
Our Price: 306.37
The Ring Automotive Power Source Pro 2100 Inverter is a 12v 2100w twin socket Power Source Inverter with LED that is simple and safe to use on equipment rated up to 2100w such as microwaves, professional power tools and multiple halogen lighting.
Ring RINV1000 PowerSourcePro Inverter
Our Price: 139.99
Ring RINV1000 PowerSourcePro Inverter is a 12v 1000w inverter that has twin sockets and LED. It is suitable for equipment up to 1000w e.g. microwaves, large power tools, halogen lighting and multiple applications. ...
Ring RINVCFM150 FM E:Can
Our Price: 40.84
Ring RINVCFM150 FM E:Can is a multi purpose inverter that has an FM transmitter which provides a wireless link through your cars radio allowing you to listen to your own MP3 player through the cars audio system, a connecting lead is suppli...
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Result Pages:  1