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Water sports carriers

Imagine you are driving towards the sea, the sun rising in the distance; you can’t wait to get there as you can hear the waves crashing on the beach, so all you need now is your surfboard! No problem!

Fasteronline have everything you will need to transport any water sports equipment safely and securely to where ever you need to be, also enabling you to unload it easily and quickly as we know you can’t wait to get into that water! Some will even fit next to a Ski box including the Thule roof box. 

Thule offer smart, secure solutions to enable you to carry your water sports equipment effortlessly so that you can concentrate on conserving your energy for the battle against the waves, wind and current instead of battling just to get to the water!

If you are looking for a kayak racks, surfboard carriers, canoe holders or any other water sports equipment carrier, you are in right place.

Fasteronline have a range of Thule water sports carriers for kayaks, canoes, surfboards and more. All of our Water Sports carriers will fit on Thule roof bars, Mont Blanc roof bars and our van roof bars. (Some will only fit either Aero or Square bars. please check before buying)

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Thule 520-1 Kayak Stacker (foldable) up to 2 kayaks in vertical
Our Price: 69.95
Thule 520-1 Kayak Stacker (foldable) loads 1 or 2 kayaks in vertical position. This Thule 520-1 Kayak Stacker contains a pair of foldable hoops that provide sufficient height to load your kayaks, surfboards
Thule 533 Windsurf, Sailboard & Mast Carrier
Our Price: 67.96
Thule 533 Sailboard, Mast and Windsurf Carrier - Wind and wave surfers around the world use this classic Thule product. Thule 533 Sailboard, Mast and Windsurf Roof Rack holds one board and two masts.
Thule 539 Mast Holder 1 Pr
Our Price: 12.49
Thule 539 Mast Holder - An additional mast holder for carrying extra masts of all sizes.
Thule 5603 Windsurf Pads 1 Pr Black
Our Price: 12.95
Thule 5603 Windsurf Pads Black protect and support 2-3 surfbords when carried on your rack. - Wind and wave surfers around the world
Thule 579 Inverted Canadian Style Canoe carrier
Our Price: 49.00
Thule 579 Inverted Canadian Style Canoe Carrier holds both canoes and small boats securely in place. A smart canoe carrier for canoe or boat transportation. 
Thule 832 Wave Surfboard Carrier
Our Price: 64.96
Thule 832 Wave Surfboard Carrier is specially designed board rack to carry surfboards.
Thule 833 Windsurf & sailboard Carrier for t-slot bars
Our Price: 71.95
Thule 833 Windsurf & Sailboard Carrier for t-slot bars - Developed and tested by surfers for surfers. The Thule 833 Surfboard Carrier is a newly developed, safe and stable surfboard rack for bot
Thule 835 Hul-a-Port Kayak/canoe Carrier
Our Price: 125.95
Thule 835 Hul-a-Port Kayak/Canoe Carrier - For space saving kayak transport. A Thule Kayak Rack designed to simplify the loading process. The kayak is transported protected, on an angle,  creating extra spa
Thule 837 FoldableHull-a-Port Pro Kayak/Canoe Carrier
Our Price: 152.95
Thule 837 Foldable Hull-a-Port Pro Kayak/Canoe Carrier is a unique tiltable carrier that is easy to use and comes with straps to keep your
Thule 855 Multi Purpose Carrier
Our Price: 74.95
Thule 855 Multi Purpose Carrier - Specially designed carrier for your accessories. New specially designed carrier for accessories like oars, paddles, masts, etc up to 10 cm in diameter.
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 13 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]